The XRGI® series:
Ready for each application

Whether you are planning a new building or want to renovate an existing building: An XRGI® cogeneration plant is always the right choice for commercial properties, residential buildings, and office or industrial properties.

Scalable to your exact demands

XRGI® CHPs made by EC POWER are available for almost every purpose or application: Our models with electrical power outputs of 6, 9, 15 and 20 kWel can be extended by modules to achieve up to 80 kWel. They can also be connected to each other as cascades or virtual power plants.

This means: XRGI® plants supply buildings with year round power and heating requirements of between 50,000 and 1,500,000 kWh per year - efficiently and reliably. Compared with conventional power and heat production, you therefore not only improve the environment and climate balance, but also reduce the energy costs of the property.

The use of XRGI® CHP is also possible even if no central hot water generation is installed, or if the heat generated by the XRGI® is only used for heating rooms.


Residential buildings

Our Mini CHP XRGI® 6 and XRGI® 9 are ideally suitable for larger single-family houses and small multi-storey blocks.

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Commercial properties

Hotels, office buildings, and other commercial properties mainly benefit from the XRGI® 9 and the compact XRGI® 15.

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Larger properties

Larger properties like office buildings, care retirement homes or agricultural businesses, are very well served by the XRGI® 15 and the powerful XRGI® 20.

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For new buildings and for renovating buildings, it is necessary to comply with the diverse statutory requirements on energy efficiency. XRGI® CHPs from EC POWER meet these without any problems – and that makes them a future-safe investment.


Which XRGI® for your project?

We will help you to find the CHP that fits exactly your needs.

  • Needs analysis and consulting
  • Profitability check
  • Experts for financing, subsidies and tax issues
  • Favorable conditions for purchase, installation and commissioning

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