XRGI® meets the efficiency requirements of tomorrow – today

The new Energy Label – also applies to cogeneration plants since September 2015

Now you can finally compare:

Refrigerators, televisions and washing machines have carried an energy efficiency label for several years now – appliances that we can’t imagine being without. This now also includes the XRGI®.

This label has been mandatory on space heaters since 26 September 2015. The individual components of a heating system carry a product label. The XRGI® carries the highest efficiency class label: A++.

The new labelling of heating systems with efficiency labels is based on European Union (EU) guidelines and regulations. This means that the labelling is standardised throughout Europe and the calculation is based on procedures defined by the EU Commission. This offers you a basis for comparison and thus helps when making a decision about an initial purchase or modernisation of a heating system

Perfectly geared to each other:

As heating systems consist of several components and all components affect the efficiency of the overall system, package labels are now being added to product labels. In a package system with an EC POWER Flow Master (temperature regulator, class II = 2%), the XRGI® achieves the best possible seasonal space heating efficiency class of A+++.

Good reasons speak for themselves

There are so many good reasons to opt for an EC POWER XRGI® unit. Your energy costs will fall, your impact on the environment will be minimal and you will be using future-proof, state-of-the-art technology.

Overall efficiency rates of up to 96%, service intervals of up to 10,000 operating hours, certified and award-winning and, above all, its unique energy management technology for maximum efficiency all speak for themselves. And most importantly: many years of satisfied customers.


XRGI® benefits