Smart control for tailor-made power.

Thanks to highly developed components, pioneering design and patented real-time modulation, the XRGI®-units supply exactly the power you need.

CHP – leading edge technology for your project

A XRGI® plant consists of three main components: Power Unit (engine + generator), Q-heat distributor (connection between XRGI® plant and heat network), and the iQ control panel (the connection between the XRGI® plant and the electricity network). Additionally, a storage tank is always used.

  • The combustion engine of the Power Unit – of the actual cogeneration plant – has been especially developed for EC POWER by Toyota, has an extremely long life, and is silent and reliable.
  • The brain of the plant is the iQ control panel. This controls the Power Unit depending on its demand, and optimises its operation fully automatically.
  • The storage tank compensates for any time differences between the XRGI® heat production and the heat consumption in the building.
  • Optionally, a Flow Master can supplement the XRGI® plant and with this, optimise heat and power generation.

Highest attested efficiency:
The XRGI® is A+++

As currently with refrigerators and washing machines, the energy efficiency of heating technology is also tested by independent bodies and marked with an efficiency label.

Here our XRGI® cogeneration plants achieve the best possible class A+++. A triple plus, which you can rely on because the efficiency of cogeneration plants can be uniformly compared throughout Europe. This means that XRGI® CHPs from EC POWER offer the best possible reference for efficiency.

>  How to compare the efficiency of CHPs


Power modulation

The intelligent iQ control panel fully-automatically controls the operation of the XRGI® in real time and depending on the operational strategy, e.g. power- or heat-controlled. For this, the control system analyses the consumption behaviour in the property and predicts the expected consumption.

The result is continuously compared with the actual consumption and thus the operation of the CHP is optimised. Using this patented real-time performance modulation, the XRGI® system achieves an efficiency that is multiple-times higher than conventional CHP operating modes.

Storage management

A CHP, like the XRGI®, only produces electricity when heat can be consumed or stored.

The iQ control panel also allows for intelligent storage management: For example, it predicts, when the power demand is extra high and compensates it with the expected heat requirement.

Together with the storage control it regulates things such that the storage tank always reserves the highest possible free capacity to receive the produced heat.

Hydraulic Integration

Principle circuit diagram: Series circuit with injection – boiler with header

A CHP with unique intelligent technology for maximum fulfilment of demand

There is a smart mind behind each economic success. This also applies to the XRGI®: The intelligent iQ control panel fully-automatically controls the operation of the CHP – depending on the operational strategy, e.g. power-, heat-, or tariff-controlled.

Conventional CHP – heat-controlled


XRGI® with patented real-time modulation


XRGI® Design

The unique design of the XRGI®-CHP makes it highly efficient and silent.


Constantly the highest degree of utilisation

Its unique design makes our XRGI®-CHP so worthwhile: The minimum internal power consumption, the outstanding insulation of its housing and the operation without additional air conditioning allow a constantly high degree of utilisation in the whole range of modulation.

With conventional CHPs, the degree of utilisation decreases under partial load.


Perfectly supplemented -
Extremely efficient

Each of our XRGI® CHPs can be extended by a condensing heat exchanger. That increases the total efficiency to up to 106 % and minimises the fuel quantity used.

However, even without this optional condensing technology, our XRGI® achieve an excellent total degrees of utilisation of up to 96 %.


CHP instead of
boiler heat

In connection with a Flow Master and a storage tank, our XRGI® systems can provide peak load above the installed CHP thermal output.

In this way, the less efficient heat generation of a boiler is replaced by the particularly efficient heat generation in the CHP. This increases the operating times of the XRGI® and its economic efficiency, which again benefits our climate.

XRGI® - power modulation


The highest degree of utilisation in the whole range of modulation:

  • Minimum internal current consumption
  • Excellent insulation
  • Operation without additional air conditioning and ventilation
  • Efficient engine control, gas scrubbing, heat extraction and power generation


Standard installations

Installed quickly and safely: Our standard installations allow you to achieve the safe and fast implementation of your projects. Simple and clearly arranged circuit diagrams allow for a space-saving and easy assembly.

The right CHP for your project: Use our standard installations in connection with our dimensioning tables and determine the type of plant required and its space requirements.

The downloads show some of our standard installations and include 3D layouts in STEP format and plans in DXF-, DWG- and PDF-format. The completed installation, including accessories and lines, can easily be inserted in your CAD system for processing.

For the downloading of standard installations

Hydraulic solutions

Optimum interaction of XRGI® and boiler system:
Our standard hydraulic systems are developed in close cooperation with the manufacturers of the boilers and this facilitates the integration of an XRGI® CHP in an existing heating centre. By using the manufacturers' standard controls it is possible to do without overriding controls; this saves costs and increases operating safety.

We provide installation recommendations that include the whole piping and cabling of the system components of the standard hydraulic systems together with detailed instructions for dimensioning and the exact positioning of the sensors. Only the connection of heating, gas, electrical power supply, exhaust gas and condensate to the building need to be planned.

For downloading of standard hydraulic systems

We take safety seriously

We get all individual components of our cogeneration plants and their interaction tested independently, including the software.

This means that, the XRGI® from EC POWER complies with the highest safety standards.



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