To reach for the most optimal, climate-friendly energy supply can be a challenge – sometimes a single CHP will not be enough. EC POWER makes the XRGI® the core of a perfectly adapted supply system.

The all-in-one energy solution of EC POWER

Our XRGI® combined heat and power plants are strong in efficiency and performance.
They become even more powerful when combined with other rational energy technologies and storage systems.


XRGI® with a Battery System

The XRGI® with a battery system safeguards the supply of energy in the event of a power outage affecting the public power grid (island mode, back-up supply). At other times, the use of electricity is optimised by peak shaving, the operation of E-charging stations with local load management and an increase in the internal current consumption.


XRGI® with Battery and Photovoltaics

A photovoltaic system which generates power perfectly complements the XRGI® with its battery system. The photovoltaic system generates power locally in summer, when little or no heat is needed. On the other hand, the XRGI® safeguards the heat and power supply in winter, when the photovoltaic system hardly generates any electric power.


XRGI® with Heat Pump

The XRGI® ensures the power supply to the heat pump, increases its efficiency and thus provides heat and power at low cost.


XRGI® with Cooling System

Cold is generated using heat from the XRGI® instead of electricity. This makes the low-cost electric power from the XRGI® available for other electric power applications.



XRGI® with an Electric Heater

XRGI® produces heat and power simultaneously, and in instances where more heat is needed, the electricity produced by the XRGI® can be used to power the electric heater. The electric heater can also be used as a peak load boiler if no heating boiler is used for heat generation as a back-up or during peak load times.

EC POWER ENERGY CENTER: The solution that always fits

The planning of the energy supply for buildings or whole areas is becoming more and more of a challenge. People often try to master the increasing complexity and the increasingly stronger requirements concerning efficiency with individually designed systems. However, using components that have not been adapted to each other can cause the implementation to become unclear, expensive, and risky – and the risk that something goes wrong is high.

In an EC POWER ENERGY CENTER, the energy technology and the complete storage system are adapted to each other.
This allows for smooth and automatic operation.


Energy supply using the plug-and-play principle

The EC POWER ENERGY CENTER offers a complete, standardised supply concept that functions easily. In this way, our proven XRGI®-cogeneration plants are supplemented with further rational energy technologies and form units that have been customised for your particular demand – and this all happens without individual planning. This is because all the modules are adapted to each other so that they always work together perfectly. This is also an advantage as regards operation and maintenance.

You select the desired size; we do the rest: Thanks to our 25 years’ experience and numerous successful projects, the configuration, design and maintenance of your ENERGY CENTER are in safe hands at EC POWER. The prefabrication reduces the work and allows for easy installation on site.

And if the supply demand changes? Then, the modularly structured EC POWER ENERGY CENTER can be retrofitted and extended. Do not give anything away and invest in a future-proof, well-functioning overall package.