The XRGI®: Highest
attested efficiency

There are many efficiency figures – fortunately the EU label allows for a better understanding. With the CHPs of EC POWER, you heat your building incomparably efficiently.

Highly efficient CHP of class A+++

Similar to refrigerators, washing machines and other everyday appliances, heating technology is also labelled with an efficiency label. For CHP units, independent testing institutes determine the so-called seasonal space heating energy efficiency. Our XRGI® CHP units achieve the best possible efficiency class of A+++.

A triple plus you can rely on - because the efficiency of CHP units is uniformly regulated and comparable throughout Europe. The labelling is based on directives and regulations of the European Union, the calculation is based on procedures defined by the EU Commission. The energy label is therefore a good decision-making aid if you want to invest in a new heating system. And with a certified efficiency of A+++, the decision for the XRGI® is certainly easy.


Efficiency of the CHP:
How to compare correctly

The XRGI® stands up to efficiency tests. Its total degree of utilisation of up to 106 % (with condensing technology) means that the energy used is almost completely utilised during full operation. It also scores with constantly high degrees of utilisation, when measured over the long term. However, the two values can be calculated in multiple ways and, therefore, they cannot always be compared directly.

However, the so-called eta-s value (ηs), which forms the basis of the EU efficiency label, is particularly meaningful because it is precisely defined.
And let’s make it short - EC POWER has the best eta-s value (ηs) in its industry sector with the XRGI®.


Remote power:
Only with high losses

The classic power plant, which supplies electricity from the greenfield, has a decisive disadvantage: It utilises only approx. 40 % of the energy included in its fuel. The remaining 60 % gets lost as waste heat in the air or in the water – with hazardous consequences for environment and climate.

This wastage is mainly caused by the long distances involved. Because conventional electricity production takes place remotely from the consumers, it is uneconomical to bring the waste heat to the settlements for use. This reveals another problem: The electricity generated in the power station also has to be tranported to the consumer with transmission losses occurring on the kilometer-long route there.

Power & Heat from the XRGI®:
More efficient than a large power station

For an energy efficient future, reliable and decentralised solutions like the XRGI® from EC POWER are therefore needed.

  • By means of cogeneration, it produces power and heat directly at the place where they are needed, fully without transmission loss.
  • It also provides heating and hot water by using the waste heat from the power generation.
  • In this way, the XRGI® utilises up to 96 % of the energy contained in the fuel – more than twice as much as a typical power plant.
  • Because it can be operated entirely with renewable energies, it is extremely climate-friendly.
  • By feeding the generated electricity into the local low-voltage grid and eliminating the transmission by land, it also reduces grid fees.


CHP has punch:

Imagine, you bite in an apple once and then, you throw it away. That’s like using the energy supply from an old heating boiler or from a large power station. It’s much better to eat the whole apple – with a highly efficient CHP.

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