Why XRGI®?
Because it simply pays off

By using an XRGI® from EC POWER you generate power and heat for yourself in a cost-effective and climate-friendly way, you meet the statutory requirements, and you also get it all funded as well.

Invest in the future:
Advantages for CHP users

In Germany, for example, around two thirds of the heating systems installed are outdated and inefficient. This is because the main percentage of their firing energy dissipates as waste heat; It's literally like burning money. Increasing prices for raw material, safety risks, and repairs depending on age make it more expensive.

An investment in a modern power- and heat-supply therefore not only provides an enormous potential for cost savings, but, mainly, it also makes your building future-proof. With our XRGI® cogeneration plants, this future starts on the first day.

  • For the heat supply, the XRGI® optimally utilises the fuel used because it applies the highly efficient principle of combined heat and power and in this way, it saves valuable resources.


In summary, this means: Purchasing of an XRGI® will amortise quickly.


Highest saving potential for heating

Our XRGI® cogeneration units almost completely utilise the energy included in the fuel and for seasonal space-heating-energy-efficiency they are the leaders in their industrial segment. This means: They need much less resources than other supply systems to generate the same quantity of power and heat.

This is made possible by the patented and certified technologies that are only available with the XRGI® and that makes the change especially worthwhile.

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Your personal energy transition

An XRGI® can be completely operated with renewable energy carriers and this makes it extremely climate friendly.

Due to the possibility of easily combining it with battery storage, heating boilers, or even charging stations for electric cars, our XRGI® brings the most modern energy technology directly into your property. And it also provides the feeling that you are doing something concrete for the climate.

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Be selfish!
It’s worth it.

The generation of power in your own building – that’s no problem with a cogeneration plant like our XRGI®. You can use the produced power directly on site or automatically feed it in the network, provided there are no own requirements just now. Specialists call it network-parallel operation.

A simple calculation makes it clear: The higher your internal consumption is, the higher are your savings. However, if you completely sell your electrical power, the heating cost of your property will be reduced by 50 % compared with electrical heat pumps.

Highest attested efficiency:
The XRGI® is A+++

As currently with refrigerators and washing machines, the energy efficiency of heating technology is also tested by independent bodies and marked with an efficiency label.

Here our XRGI® cogeneration plants achieve the best possible class A+++. A triple plus, which you can rely on because the efficiency of cogeneration plants can be uniformly compared throughout Europe. This means that XRGI® CHPs from EC POWER offer the best possible reference for efficiency.

>  How to compare the efficiency of CHPs


Highly compact & extremely quiet

The XRGI® is one of the quietest cogeneration systems on the market. With a noise level of just 49 dB(A) – at full power, measured from a distance of one metre away – it is even less noisy than a conventional boiler. Usually it cannot be heard outside the boiler room.


Its modular and particularly compact design also allows installation in almost any basement or supply room - even under difficult spatial conditions.

Strong on your side:
The EC POWER Service network

The EC POWER partner network and our customer service ensure that there is a competent contact person available.

Contact us – we will find the right partner for you.  

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Which XRGI® for your project?

We will help you to find the CHP that fits exactly your needs.

  • Needs analysis and consulting
  • Profitability check
  • Experts for financing, subsidies and tax issues
  • Favorable conditions for purchase, installation and commissioning

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Trust in the market leader

With the XRGI®, EC POWER is the leading manufacturer of Mini cogeneration plants of this class in Germany. Furthermore, with more than 25 patents, it is the technology leader in Europe. Founded in 1996 in Denmark – a pioneer country of the energy transition and, above all, of the combination of power and heat – we established ourselves in Germany in 2008 and are currently linked with the best representatives in the sector.

Trust in the XRGI®

  • An XRGI® stands for the highest efficiency
  • An XRGI® saves the climate and costs
  • An XRGI® needs extremely low maintenance
  • An XRGI® runs and runs and runs
  • An XRGI® pays off in a flash