Why XRGI®?
Because everything has been thought of

Thanks to its innovative design, an XRGI® matches with any desired room layout. And thanks to its maximum climate-friendliness and efficiency, it also meets the specifications issued by the law.

CHP planning:
Your check list for success

This happens only with the XRGI®: Our products make the planning procedure highly efficient. Benefit from the standardised, a thousand and one times tested, integration possibilities of our XRGI® series. EC POWER employees will support you with your planning. Our cogeneration plants will enable you to find the right energy solution for almost every property. Today and in the future.

  • Just compare: The efficiency of the XRGI® is without comparison and achieves the best possible energy label class of A+++.
  • Scalable for each project: Our models with electrical power outputs of 6, 9, 15 and 20 kWel can be extended to achieve up to 80 kWel. Furthermore, they can be connected to each other to form virtual power plants.
  • In the power class from 3 to 80 kWel, our XRGI® models rank among the especially space-saving cogeneration plants in the market. The Power Unit, for instance, needs less than one square metre of floor space and, measuring 64 or 75 cm wide, it fits through all doors.
  • Due to its sophisticated design and because there is no additional ventilation required, the XRGI® is unbeatably quiet. With a noise level of just 49 dB(A) – at full power, measured one meter away – it is even less noisy than commercial boilers. Expensive noise insulation or even foundation works against noise entry in the floor are not necessary.
  • The modular design of the various XRGI® devices, together with a patented integration principle, allow for the installation in every heating cellar or supply room – even under difficult conditions.



Power-to-Gas: Reliable with renewables

A CHP is fired with gas – however, today green gas is available already. Thanks to the Power-to-Gas principle it is possible to convert power from renewable sources into climate-friendly gas that can be stored easily.

An XRGI® CHP can then use it exactly when there is a demand for energy. This compensates any natural fluctuations in the supply with "renewables".


Prepared for all requirements

An XRGI® can be combined with various other energy components, such as a PV-system or a heat pump. We would be delighted to install a perfectly working, integrated EC POWER ENERGY CENTER for you.

And for new buildings, for which no boiler house is planned or where the building costs must be minimised, our external energy centre POWER HOUSE is the ideal solution.


XRGI® success stories

Our cogeneration plants supply residential buildings, commercial buildings and public facilities – and comply perfectly with many different requirements.
Below are some selected projects as examples.

To our references

Make your customers happy – recommend an XRGI® to them!

Because more than 12,000 satisfied users know:

  • An XRGI® stands for highest efficiency
  • An XRGI® easily meets the statutory requirements
  • An XRGI® fits in every cellar
  • An XRGI® pays off in a flash
  • An XRGI® runs and runs and runs

Which XRGI® for your project?

We will help you to find the CHP that fits exactly your needs.

  • Needs analysis and consulting
  • Profitability check
  • Experts for financing, subsidies and tax issues
  • Favorable conditions for purchase, installation and commissioning

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Standard installations

Installed quickly and safely: Our standard installations allow you to achieve the safe and fast implementation of your projects. Simple and clearly arranged circuit diagrams allow for a space-saving and easy assembly.

The right CHP for your project: Use our standard installations in connection with our dimensioning tables and determine the type of plant required and its space requirements.

The downloads show some of our standard installations and include 3D layouts in STEP format and plans in DXF-, DWG- and PDF-format. The completed installation, including accessories and lines, can easily be inserted in your CAD system for processing.

For the downloading of standard installations

Hydraulic solutions

Optimum interaction of XRGI® and boiler system:
Our standard hydraulic systems are developed in close cooperation with the manufacturers of the boilers and this facilitates the integration of an XRGI® CHP in an existing heating centre. By using the manufacturers' standard controls it is possible to do without overriding controls; this saves costs and increases operating safety.

We provide installation recommendations that include the whole piping and cabling of the system components of the standard hydraulic systems together with detailed instructions for dimensioning and the exact positioning of the sensors. Only the connection of heating, gas, electrical power supply, exhaust gas and condensate to the building need to be planned.

For downloading of standard hydraulic systems


Seminars for the XRGI®

If you are a CHP-newcomer or long-term professional: We have the appropriate information offer. The EC POWER Academy is providing everything, from the fundamentals course to learn about the advantages of the cogeneration of heat and power, to the expert's seminar with professional exchange.

Visit our offered seminars in German language or contact EC POWER for seminars in English language.



Strong technology, strong brand

For a quarter of a century, EC POWER has represented a pioneering spirit and special innovative strength, as demonstrated by more than 25 patents. With XRGI®, we are the market leader for Mini CHPs in Germany and the leading manufacturer for the technology of Mini cogeneration plants in Europe.
More than 15 awards and more than 12,000 XRGI®-installations in 27 countries prove our success.

The quality and safety of our products are independently tested by the TÜV and the Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V. (DVGW).
The Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung e. V. (B.KWK) has repeatedly honoured the XRGI® with an award.

Trust in our experience and rely on sustainable technology.