integration of an XRGI® – only 64-75 cm narrow

XRGI® simplifies your changeover to more efficient energy

Everyone can switch with XRGI®

Regardless of whether you are planning a new building or modernising an existing one – the XRGI® is always the right choice. It improves the property's carbon footprint, ensuring a good energy performance certificate and thereby enhancing the value of the property. The modular construction of the XRGI® makes it possible to switch over to combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration, even in difficult structural situations. It can also be easily integrated into an existing supply system.

Install, connect, save

The 3 – 80 kWel performance class of XRGI® units are some of the most compact cogeneration plants on the market. The modular construction of the XRGI® and a patented integration principle mean that it will fit with ease into any basement or plant room.

The Power Unit needs less than one square metre of space and, measuring 64 or 75 cm wide, fits through all doors.

Outstanding efficiency doesn't need to shout about it

The XRGI® – a silent power-pack

The XRGI® is one of the quietest cogeneration systems on the market. With a sound level of just 49 dB(A) at full power, measured from a distance of 1 metre, it is quieter than a conventional boiler. Fitted with an additional exhaust gas attenuator and soundproofing feet, the sound level can be reduced even further, with the result that there are virtually no limits to the possible uses of the XRGI®. Compared to other systems, the plant room for the XRGI® does not have to be mechanically ventilated, eliminating the additional noise caused by a ventilation unit, thereby allowing for unrivalled quiet operation.

integration of an XRGI® – 49 dB(A) quiet