EC POWER takes

Thinking and acting sustainably, economically, ecologically and socially – these are the strategies which EC POWER has stood for since its foundation a quarter of century ago.

Quality, efficiency and sustainability

We, at EC POWER are convinced that the social and technical progress should not cause any environmental impact. This is the principle on which we develop our products: the highest efficiency, constant utilisation, low noise levels, long maintenance intervals, easy integration with ready-to-connect operation strategies and excellent It-safety - all these things form the basis for that special EC POWER quality.


for the future

We quickly react on developments in our markets and in society – and then sustainably co-create it through targeted innovations.
With more than 25 patents, we ensure sustainable energy technologies for future generations.

EC POWER will therefore be a pacemaker in technology in its industrial field, also in the future.



Energy solutions
for people

We not only offer excellent products to our customers – but also solutions for their projects.
In a dialog as an equal partner and with expert knowledge and a strong partner network, EC POWER delivers new energy leading to more success, safety and a better quality of living.

To inspire you anew every day.


For the environment:
Absolutely climate-friendly

We all need to protect the climate - EC POWER takes this mission seriously. Our XRGI® cogeneration units can run on 100% renewable energy.

They make almost full use of the fuel used and, thanks to cogeneration, produce around 50% less CO2 than conventional energy systems.


Pioneering in the energy transition

The sustainable and climate-neutral reform of the energy supply chain, also in the building sector is perhaps the most important challenge at the present. We pledge ourselves to this challenge through the production of cogeneration plants in our XRGI® series. Due to the application of CHPs for supplying properties, e.g. local heat and quarters, the climate objectives can be achieved in the future and permanently.

The application of cogeneration plants is the most efficient method for the on-site sector coupling and as virtual power plants, they form an important safety network for the energy supply in case of any slumps. Furthermore, the natural fluctuations of renewable energy products can be compensated by a CHP like the XRGI® by using the possibility to connect them with Power-to-Gas plants. This makes it to an ideal supplement for wind power and photovoltaic systems, as well as being a reasonable alternative.

Therefore, for us, the XRGI® is more than a product – it is a central module for the future.



with the XRGI®

Conventional large-scale power plants only use around 40 % of the fuel used. The waste heat generated during electricity production goes unused into the environment, where it causes considerable damage. By contrast, our XRGI® combined heat and power plants utilize almost 100 % of the energy used and generate electricity and heat at the same time.



50 % less CO2

A CHP is fired with gas – however, today green gas is available already. With the Power-to-Gas principle it is possible to convert power from renewable sources to climate-friendly gas that can be stored easily. An XRGI® CHP can use it exactly then when there is a demand on energy. This compensates natural fluctuations in the supply with "renewables".


Prepared for all

Using the power-to-gas principle it is possible to convert power from renewable sources to non-fossil gas. This can be stored easily – much easier than electrical power – and your XRGI® CHP uses it exactly then when energy is required. In this way, the users of XRGI®s can produce power and heat almost climate-neutrally.