XRGI® in outdoor application

With the POWER HOUSE from EC POWER, each XRGI® gets its own home. Produce electricity and heat directly on your site – independently from the space requirements in the building.

Turn-key CHP plant for trade and industry

There is space for an XRGI® cogeneration plant in almost every property. Where not, we create it: The POWER HOUSE is our solution for operations in the outdoor areas.

  • A simple, efficient, all-in-one energy centre for trade and industry
  • Compact unit for the installation in outdoor areas
  • A worry-free alternative to an installation in the already much used cellar
  • Efficient solution for the simultaneous supply of multiple buildings
  • Individual configuration depending on demand
  • Integration of E-charging stations
  • Turn-key delivery and easy placement, partially without additional foundation works
  • Quick connection to the supply network
  • The front face can be designed in any desired colour or can be cladded with various different materials



External energy centre of EC POWER –
individual, economic, flexible

The POWER HOUSE is our energy solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and office buildings that do not have enough space for a heating centre. It creates an external, quickly installed room for XRGI® cogeneration plants (CHP from 6 to 80 kW electrical power) and also provides space for all other heating room components.

Inside the POWER HOUSE, one or more XRGI® CHPs generate electricity and heat simultaneously for direct use in the property.
Get EC POWER to work for you: We develop your POWER HOUSE in compliance with your individual demands and then deliver its turn-key version to your site.


Your outdoor energy solution - individual, economical, flexible

XRGI®-CHP from 3 to 80 kWel

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