The perfect combination: XRGI® CHP & heat pump

Achieving big goals requires innovative solutions - such as the combination of an XRGI® combined heat and power unit from EC POWER and a heat pump.
We call it: the PowerHeatPump.

Because in joint operation, the two complement each other perfectly. The XRGI® produces electricity and heat directly on site - this prevents shutdown times of the heat pump as well as the switching-on of the heating element. The combined heating operation is as reliable as you are used to from the XRGI®, even at low outside temperatures. At the same time, the use of environmental heat by the heat pump makes the CHP even more efficient and reduces its gas consumption. Thanks to these synergy effects, both XRGI® and the heat pump can be dimensioned smaller. This saves investment and operating costs, but above all energy and emissions.

Even as a PowerHeatPump, the XRGI® makes the heat transition affordable, simple and safe.

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Advantages of the PowerHeatPump


High efficiency at low outdoor temperatures and at high flow temperatures


Heating rod operation becomes superfluous


XRGI® on-site power production ensures uninterrupted system operation


PowerHeatPump ensures independence from grid reinforcement


The combination enables smaller plants


Smaller dimensioning of the system components saves costs

Implementation of energy policy goals:


Reduction of
gas consumption


Phasing out coal-fired
electricity generation


Reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions

Successful deployment

The joint operation of XRGI® and heat pump has been practised successfully in Scandinavian countries and Great Britain for years. The first projects have also started in Germany. The XRGI® control system has all the functions to organise joint operation in the heating centre.

We would be happy to provide further information on request.

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