Our enduring Minis: XRGI® 6 and XRGI® 9

A newly developed high-performance motor makes our "small systems" into real endurance runners with service intervals of 10,000 operating hours.

The XRGI® 6 and the XRGI® 9 achieve an overall efficiency rate of 93% (without condensing technology) – even higher with optional condensing technology.

These two models are ideal for large detached houses and smaller apartment blocks, hotels or office buildings.



The Classic: XRGI® 15

The Classic: XRGI® 15

The XRGI® 15 is perfect for larger hotels, farms or nursing homes. With a 92% overall efficiency rate (without condensing technology), its efficiency and quality have already been proved in the form of thousands of satisfied customers.

The XRGI® 15 has already received multiple awards.



The power pack: XRGI® 20

The power pack: XRGI® 20

The XRGI® 20 achieves an overall efficiency rate of 96% (without condensing technology). It comes into its own in buildings, like hospitals or municipal buildings.



The power pack: XRGI® 25

Our 60 Hz cogeneration plant: XRGI® 25

For all countries which require 60 Hz power we present our XRGI® 25 CHP with an electrical output from 12 to 24 kW and thermal output from 33 to 48 kW. Thanks to our patented real-time modulation, the XRGI® can be set up based on actual demand, thereby achieving much higher efficiency than standard CHP.

Technical Data XRGI® 25



Parallel operation

Parallel operation

All XRGI® systems are designed not just to operate as individual systems. Their modular design enables them to be controlled flexibly and economically in parallel, supplying electricity and heat tailored to all levels of demand. They can also be integrated into virtual power plants.