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From residential building to industrial property: There is the right XRGI® CHP available for any building with all-year demand of power and heat. Due to precisely adapted cascading, also high demands can be covered reliably.

XRGI® – a high-end CHP

There are many good reasons that are indicative of a cogeneration plant (CHP):
It saves energy costs, improves the climate balance and makes a building future-safe.

However, an XRGI® cogeneration plant made by EC POWER offers so much more:

  • The flexible and easy integration in nearly every property,
  • The highest proven efficiency in the market,
  • Constantly high degree of utilisation, also within the partial load range,
  • Sophisticated design and ultra-silent operation,
  • Secure installation and integration due to ready-to-fit operation strategies,
  • Reliable fulfilment of statutory provisions for new buildings and redevelopment,
  • Long maintenance intervals of up to 10,000 operating hours,
  • Numerous certificates and awards,
  • Our partner and service network,
  • And above all: long-term, satisfied customers


Assure yourself of the outstanding quality and the reliable service of the market leader.
Let yourself be convinced by our XRGI®.


The long-term running Minis:
XRGI® 6 and XRGI® 9

Our smallest ones are the real endurance runners: The XRGI® 6 and the XRGI® 9 need a pit stop for maintenance every 10,000 operating hours only. This is possible by the high-performance engine of Toyota especially further developed for EC POWER.

The Mini cogeneration plants for smaller residential and industrial buildings achieve a total degree of utilisation of up to 106 % and make combined heat and power interesting also with low energy demand.


The proven classic:
XRGI® 15

With a total degree of utilisation of up to 103 %, the XRGI® 15 is an efficient solution for supplying medium-sized residential and industrial properties.

Its cost-effectiveness and quality is already enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers – and the experts. No wonder that the XRGI® 15 was honoured several times.


The solid power pack:
XRGI® 20

With the XRGI® 20, we have redefined the state-of-the-art for the CHP technology.
Our largest model achieves a total degree of utilisation of up to 106 %.

It fully takes its advantages in large-size industrial and residential properties.

Even stronger in a team:
Cascaded XRGI® up to 80 kWel

Is your energy demand higher than 20 kWel and does it require an appropriately dimensioned CHP? Things are much smarter with the XRGI®.

Its modular design provides for their easy and flexible connection in cascades. Even if the requirements are for high outputs, it still can be mounted in a compact way. XRGI® plants can therefore be scaled in an economically advantageous way and used for every demand within the application range from 2.5 to 80 kWel.


Advantages of a cascade
over a single large CHP:

  • Cascaded CHPs cover wider ranges of a partial load, e.g. from 5 % to 100 %
  • Devices connected in cascades achieve more hours of full load and with this, the better, cost-effective generation of power
  • A CHP cascade circuit provides for more ‘local power’ and with this, a higher economic advantage
  • The purchase of multiple XRGI®-Mini CHPs often means lower investment costs. The modular and standardised design allows for faster and easier integration in the existing or planned heating system - also for small floor space.



Efficient if combined: XRGI® in virtual power plants

XRGI® CHP are excellently suitable for the combination with other power generators to form virtual power plants that generate energy decentrally and at distributed locations. Here too, our CHPs supply the connected properties reliably and efficiently as usual.

The all-in-one energy centre

There is enough space for an XRGI® in almost every property. Where not, we create it – with the freestanding POWER HOUSE in the outdoor area.

  • Complete external energy centre
  • Individually designable external front faces
  • Easy placement, partially without additional foundation works

To our outdoor solutions

The energy all-in-one solution

Our XRGI® CHPs provide high efficiency and performance. They can become even bigger in the EC POWER ENERGY CENTER, e.g. in the combination with a

  • battery system,
  • photovoltaic system,
  • charging station for E-mobility,
  • cooling system,
  • heat pump,
  • Power-to-Heat module.

To our complete solutions

Energy efficiency class
Space heating energy efficiency
Electrical output
Thermal output
Electricity own consumption, operation
Total efficiency
Sound pressure level
Dimensions, W x H x D
Data sheet
6,0 kW
14,9 kW
0.035 kW
49 dB(A)
440 kg
64 x 96 x 93 cm
9,0 kW
23,3 kW
0.100 kW
49 dB(A)
440 kg
64 x 96 x 93 cm
XRGI® 15
14,5 kW
36,7 kW
0.059 kW
53 dB(A)
580 kg
75 x 117 x 112 cm
XRGI® 20
20,0 kW
44,7 kW
0.081 kW
49 dB(A)
680 kg
75 x 117 x 112 cm
Combined heat and power

Functional principle

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